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Share the Laugh

The past few years have been tough on many people around the country, and comedy has always been a source of relief for many. We hope that we can help bring laughter to the world one person at a time through comedy films. Share the Laugh and help provide free tickets for someone to claim and watch at the movie theaters. 


Share the Laugh

Buy tickets now to show your support for Not Another Church Movie. 

Claim a free ticket from someone who shared the laugh for you.

Buy a ticket normally, don't be nice, only think about yourself.


How does Share the Laugh work?

When you share the laugh, you purchase a ticket for one of more people in advance to be able to enjoy the film in a theater and receive the gift of comedy. 

How do people receive a free ticket?

When people give and "Share the Laugh" by purchasing tickets for others in advance, tickets are made available for request. When a ticket request is made a free ticket code will be provided via email or text to allow them to receive their free ticket at their local or nearby theater.

Can I give more than one ticket?

Yes, you can donate as many tickets as you'd like. Tickets on average cost approx $15 across the country.

Can I receive more than one free ticket?

In order to allow as many people to receive a free ticket, we do limit it to one per person. 

My local theater is sold out what do I do?

We are working to have the film show and play in as many cities across the US and major metropolitan areas. If we are not in a local area to you, please contact the theater and request to have the film available there to you. 

Why are you doing this Share the Laugh campaign?

Because depression and anxiety are at all-time highs, while incomes are still on the lows. We hope to be able to help others laugh even through the pain of day-to-day life. Because laughter is healing.

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