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Meet the Cast & Crew

Writer & Director: Johnny Mack

Co-Director: James Michael Cummings


James Michael Cummings

Jim Cardwell

Johnny Mack

Jaron Marquis

Vern Nobles, Jr.

Paul Saleba

Executive Producers:

Valerie McCaffrey

Kevin Daniels

William W. McCutchen III

Kimberly Hines

Tracy L. McCutchen

Meet Our Cast

Our amazing cast is comprised of some of the greatest award-winnning actors of our generation and some of the most talented up-and-coming comedy talent that the world will soon know.


Kyla Pratt

Beverly Black

Jasmine Guy

Miss Mildew

Screen Shot 2024-04-28 at
Buddy Lewis.png

Lydia Stylinger

Mary the Stenographer

Buddy Lewis

Michael Sr.

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